Leading Lines: Week 26 Dog Week 52


June 30, 2017


I recently joined a Facebook group of pet photographers that are participating in a 52-week project. Each week we are given a photo theme.  For instance, this week is Leading Lines.  This is a type of photo composition that I will discuss later in this blog post.  We will then create images that we believe fit the said topic.  Photographer’s all over the world (yes world) will blog about their images and describe what their vision was for the week. At the end of each post, there will be a link to another photographer’s blog who captured portraits for the same theme. If you complete the blog circle you should loop right back to my blog. Blog MAGIC!!!  On average you can expect about 6-10 interpretations of the theme. How fun right!?!?!  Time to get my creative juices flowing again and move outside my comfort zone.

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Leading Lines: Week 26 Dog Photography 52 week project

What in the world do leading lines mean???  Well,  leading lines is a type of photography composition that draws your eye in due to angles/lines. Much of the time it’s done with trees, sidewalks, etc.  Below is my take on Leading Lines. Enjoy!

This image makes me laugh so much.  Instead of capturing his yawn, it looks like he’s bolting out an epic song. I picture him singing “A world without fences” song from Lady & the Tramp II.

A world without fences, where I can run free, and be with real dogs, will bring the real dog out in me, no walls and no boundaries, where I can be free

When I got the theme for this week I knew I was going to need some help.  I sweet-talked my husband and daughter to take a walk with me in our Hillsboro, OR community. I needed someone responsible for each dog so I could concentrate on capturing the pups.  Safety first!!!




As much as I liked photographing in our community I knew I had to stop at a different location later in the week.

When I think of leading lines I think of the location below. It’s on my way to work by   The Streets of Tanasbourne in Beaverton, OR.  This amazing sidewalk is filled with rows of trees on each side.  This sidewalk is the ultimate place to capture leading lines.



The next image is a direct result of me working with my models and what they’re willing to give me.

Jester, my 10 yr old Shih Tzu Poodle, was super hot and decided he was done walking.  I’m going to sit here in the shade.

Do what you have to do, but I’m staying put.


 Now’s the time you move over to another photographer’s blog to see their interpretation of leading lines.

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A special thanks to my husband (Mike), daughter (Taylor), and my two adorable fur babies (Jester & Ollie) for helping me create images for this post.

Next Week

 Next week I’ll be posting about Bokeh.  Do you know what that means?

Find out next week by coming back next week.


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