quick facts about us

We are a husband & wife team who encourage our clients to slow down and cherish the most important thing in life, FAMILY, including the animals! As empty nesters, our animals are the children we spoiled!

Life is perpetually moving forward. Our goal is to provide beautiful custom artwork that can be cherished every day and will be passed down for generations to come.

A child is only each age once.
A households evolves (expanding and contracting) as time passes.
A high school senior celebrates their education achievements once.
Your animal's will never be around long enough.

Don't play the waiting game! One day you'll be empty nesters like us.

We are a modern print based studio in Hillsboro, Oregon with a focus on artwork of families, hs seniors, and animals. 



+ We've been to San Diego Comic Con more than a handful of times. 

+ Mike does the majority of cooking and cleaning while Danyel does her artistic processing. Her idea of cooking is delivery.

+ Danyel has the ability to sleep in while Mike has the ability to fall right to sleep.

+ When we first got married Mike didn't want to have a dog. I think Danyel won him over to say the least.

+ We have 3 children, 1 grandchild, and 2 dogs.
+ Danyel's favorite color is red and Mike's is Orange.

quick facts about us

Mike and I have always felt this strong connection. One that most people never get the chance to experience.

I met him in a chat room 20+ years ago. We lived in different countries 3,000 miles apart with a 3 hour time difference.

After 7 years of talking online, he arrived in the United States.

Ten days later we were married. 

I couldn't do life without him.

"Your crazy matches my crazy!"

As deadpool would say...

STYLE?! I'm not sure we have any, but if I had to pick, my style would be yoga pants & a t-shirt, and Mike would be a graphic T with shorts. To elevate my look for more special occasions you can expect a complete glam look with pin-up curls, a flower in my hair, and red lipstick to complete the theme.

FAVORITES: If you asked us what our all time favorite thing is in life, without a doubt we'd say OUR FAMILY. They are our world. They're the reason we do what I do. 

and favorite things

our style

If we could have our entire house designed 100% white & greys, I think we'd have our ideal house. 

Then you realize how unrealistic that is. Having 2 dogs, living in a state that is know for it's rain. 

Mike's OCD cleaning would be in overdrive.

modern and minimal

our design style

Coke zero & Whisky
Stella  or Bud Light Lime Beer

Red wine (Cab or Pinot)
Lemon or Raspberry Drop

happy hour drink

our go to

Ultimately I became a photographer out of pure necessity. My hours had just been cut to PT due to the recession. I needed to bring in extra income.   

In 2017, almost 10 years being a photographer, the light bulb went on. I was only talking to people who had dogs. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE and why
Wag to my Heart was created! 


why i became a

Fall brings so much beauty to Oregon with the tree colors transforming that provides stunning a backdrop for portraits. It also means I can wear scarves & bring out the cozy blankets.

Mike on the other hand would say Fall is the best because hockey season starts.  #torontomapleleaffan

is fall

my favorite season

We do countless staycations throughout the year. Most of which take place at the Oregon Coast. Hearing the waves crashing and wood cracking in the fireplace. Shear bliss!

Mike & I vacation very differently. I want someone to bring me cocktails all day, and perhaps take a nap in a hammock.  Mike on the other hand would be buzzing around every second, trying to fit everything in.

place to visit

our favorite