Celebrating the uniqueness and beauty of your animals and the connection you share through stunning imagery.

BONUS: The only Husband and Wife team in town!!


A ONE-OF-A-KIND experience dedicated to capturing the PERSONALITY of your dog(s) and the bond you share. Setting them up for success (avoiding triggers) while keeping them 100% safe (on leash). CELEBRATING their individuality personalized to YOUR VISION.

The Process

Book a consult (optional)

Do you want to learn more about the process and determine whether we fit well? Not a problem!

Setting up a consultation allows us to discuss your vision and learn about your family dynamic. No two families are alike.

What we’ll discuss:

  • We start with the end in mind. What are you looking for exactly?
  • Do you want an outdoor or studio session?
  • Who will actually be in the photos?
  • Are there triggers or other obstacles we may need to work around?
  • We like to ensure you that we want to get the best shot possible, but safety is #1!

book your photoshoot

Life is busy so we work hard to create a tailored experience for each family.

  • Book your day & time (we photograph evenings and weekends) on our booking sight.
  • Pay your $200 retainer (comes back to you in a print credit)
  • Is it going to be an indoor or outdoor session?
  • Do you have a location in mind? If not, we have many options throughout the Portland Metro area + the Oregon Coast.
  • A client portal will be set up for signing our contract and all the details we need to customize your experience.
  • We’ll discuss the proper clothing that will highlight you and your animals.

We live in Oregon, so rescheduling due to weather is a possibility. There is no additional cost for rescheduling. We take safety very seriously. It can be too hot or too cold and our gear & fur/hair are “allergic” to the rain. Keep in mind that clouds are 100% acceptable and welcomed.

the day of the photoshoot

  • We ask our pet parents to arrive about 15 minutes early. Dogs need time to acclimate to the location and get their sniffs out of the way.
  • Parks can be large, and it can be hard to find one another, so we’ll provide a good meeting spot.
  • Providing the best experience possible means we bring a lot of gear, not just photography equipment. This includes specialty leashes, cooling mats for hot days, noise makers, and cold water for our human and dog models.
  • Dogs will be dogs, and kids will be kids. We don’t expect them to be anything other than themselves. They need to be reset often and have individual personalities. There is no need to be embarrassed if a dog pees on our gear or a child has a meltdown.
  • Treats! We bring treats for the dogs, but please bring your own if there are any allergy concerns.
  • If kids are joining you make sure they are rested and fed. No one likes to be “hangry”.

DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!!! WE ARE GOOFBALLS (you’ve been warned).

design services

If you’re anything like me, you need to see something visually to know if it’s right for you. Well, we have you covered. With our advanced program, I can project your images right onto your home walls. If you want a frame and a mat, we can even add that. Pretty neat huh!?

Viewing and Ordering Appointment

The best part is viewing your images for the first time! Once you’re at the studio, you’ll have drinks and snacks provided, and viewing your images projected on our large 9-foot screen is an experience.

We work through all the images and fine-tune your selection to your must-haves. Our focus is the select few you can’t live without, rather than hundreds of photos on a USB drive that will never be looked at again.

Delivery of your artwork

Depending on your order, you should receive your artwork within 4-5 weeks. Our professional labs are the best in the business, and quality craftsmanship takes time.

You won’t be disappointed once you see the magic on your wall.

Welcome to the Wag family

As you can tell from this outlined process, we are not a cookie-cutter business. We connect with our clients like they are our own family and offer a custom experience tailored to their needs.

We are always delighted to run into our extended family to hear updates on your lives.

Our animals are treated on the same level as our human children.


We got you! This is where we shine being a two person team. Mike is able to safely handle the dog on leash while I can prioritize being behind the camera. After doing this for over a decade we have many tricks up our sleeves.  I highly recommend giving us a chance.

Safety is our top priority. What you may not know is 99% of our images the dog is on leash and then like magic, later removed. This is where our advanced editing skills come into play.

If it has a heartbeat we will photograph it. This is where having a studio is ideal. We’ve had the privilege of photographing cats, macaws, hedgehogs, chameleons, snakes, bunnies, turtles, chinchillas, and even an axolotl. We welcome those or any other type of animal.

Yes, we believe that every dog can be photographed, regardless of their behavior. Our goal is to always ensure the dog is set up for success, so we will work around any triggers or reactions they may have. If necessary, you can handle your dog during the photoshoot to help keep them calm. We have successfully photographed 3 reactive large breeds and provided beautiful images for their families.

Clients complete an intake form so we can guide you through the best possible situation for your session. Blind, deaf, reactive, nervous…all these things we are used to working with. We match the animal’s energy. If we need to take it slow, we do. If we need to run them first to get some energy out, we’ll do it.

We live in Oregon so obviously mother nature likes to mess with us from time to time. Again, safety is our #1 priority. Number #2 would be setting them up for success.  Too hot, raining, ice storm, excessive winds, etc we’ll reschedule at no charge.  

Why yes, we do. Our studio is in the heart of downtown Hillsboro on Main Street & 3rd. We host many portrait sessions there. Some animals just need their own space. We have a large perch for reptiles and birds to perch on, so there is no need to bring anything.

Not every client/business is a good fit.  Our sessions are a full experience and offer high end artwork to our clients. Nothing about us is cookie cutter.  We guide you through the process from start to finish.  There are plenty of other photographers out there that may suit you better for what you’re looking for.


The $200 retainer covers the photoshoot and artistic editing. The retainer is credited back to you in the ordering appointment. It does NOT include prints or products. Digital files and printed artwork are ordered separately after your session at your preview appointment, where we help you select your images.

** Our clients typically invest $500- $1500 on artwork.**






So, in 2008, Danyel started her photography gig, snapping shots of families and high school seniors. But after a while, she felt like something was missing.

Then, about ten years later, she got hooked on animal photography—mostly dogs, but also some exotics and other critters. And guess what? She roped in her awesome husband to help out. He’s like the ultimate multitasker, handling the dogs, hauling gear, and pretty much being a jack-of-all-trades.

Together, fueled by their love for furry friends, they’ve successfully ran a calendar fundraiser and cranked out two (almost three!) coffee table books.

Giving back is huge for them. They’ve drummed up over $17K for non-profits and put in tons of free hours covering events. They’re all about making a difference, and wish there were more hours in the day to do just that.

Oh, and for their 10th wedding anniversary, they totally nailed recreating classic rom-com movie posters. As they gear up for 20 years together, they’re still rocking it as the ultimate dream team.

  • A professional photographer with 18 years of experience with two degrees.
  • The only husband-and-wife team in town. Two for the price of one.
  • Expert image editing, leash removals, and detailed retouching
  • High-end artwork of your images with a lifetime guarantee
  • Responsible team that takes safety as a #1 priority


See what others are saying

These people are AMAZING!!!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

These people are AMAZING!!! Not only is Danyel patient, fun, and easy to work with….but gosh darn it, her work is AMAZING. Her photos are proudly and prominently displayed at home and in both of my business locations. You will NOT be disappointed with her work.

The pictures turned out beyond expectations

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Danyel and Mike are so great to work with, and my dogs just loved them! The photoshoot was so much fun, and the pictures turned out beyond my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone for any photo shoot, whether it be for our fur babies, senior photos, or family pictures. They go above and beyond.

Looking for a Portland pet photographer, look no further!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Danyel and Wag to My Heart were such a joy to work with! My pup was nervous to be there but she did everything she could to make sure he was comfy and having a great time. I came to her super last minute in a rush for a birthday present, which she managed to get done for me above and beyond. If you’re looking for a local Metro Portland pet photographer, look no further! 🙂

Danyel creates an entire experience

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I cannot go on enough about Mike & Danyel’s ability to capture our pup’s personality, all the while including us in the creative process! The quality of these photos is truly vibrant. OMG, the photo-viewing session! It was so special because Danyel went out of her way to personalize our viewing experience to our tastes! Danyel doesn’t just take stunning photos, she creates an entire experience tailored and custom-made for you. You will never look back and regret working for this passionate business commission.



Masters of Photography Degree- Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Fellow of Photography (FP-OR) Degree – Oregon Professional Photographers Association (OPPA)


Business Excellence Award 2023 (OPPA)

Jerry Auker Community Service Award 2022 & 2020 (OPPA)

Best Storytelling & Judges Choice Award (A Warriors Prayer) – OPPA Open Print Competition 2023

Best Storytelling & Best Black and White Award (The Cat Walk) – OPPA Open Print Competition 2020

Hillsboro’s Best Photography Studio – First Place 2023/Second Place 2022


Dogs of Hillsboro Calendar – Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter $12,770

Puggin Portland Coffee Table Book – Pacific Pug Rescue $2.250

Tails of Portland Vol 1 – Oregon Humane Society $1,800

Tails of Portland Vol 2 – Oregon Humane Society $TBD




We can hop on a quick consult call to see if we’re a good match.

THE STUDIO (by appt only):

315 East Main Street Ste 101, Hillsboro, OR 97123