Doggie Dash


May 18, 2018



Week 20 of the 52-week blog theme is humor.  I decided to highlight some of the images from the Doggie Dash last weekend.  There were dogs that made you smile and dogs that had grins from ear to ear.

The day was filled with a sea of dogs and their owners.  SO many adorable faces. I know I only met a small percentage but what I did were just adorable.


One thing you may or may not know about me is I have this fascination with dog noses/snouts.  They’re just so kissable.  My husband thinks I’m slightly nuts for thinking that, but I don’t care. I attempted to get as many snout shots as I could at the Doggie Dash.

Doggie Dash

Doggie Dash

This was my second year being at the Doggie Dash. Last year was a huge mud pit as the rain fell heavy from the sky.  The dogs were a mess.  This year the Doggie Dash was much different. Beautiful sunny skies. Not too hot and not too cold.  It made for a much happier day for everyone.

Doggie DashDoggie Dash

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  1. Tracy Allard says:

    Beautiful images, looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. Tim Evans says:

    I love your photographs! And I think your husband is the strange one; dog snouts are where it’s at!

  3. Vanessa says:

    I was at doggie dash and you took a picture of my pug who was wearing a red bandana but I dont see it on the link and was really hoping to be able to purchase it if you still had it

  4. Linda Perdue says:

    Lovely photographs! I haven’t done a ‘snout’ project yet, but does sound like a fun one to do.

    • I just love me some doggie snouts. 🙂 I’m sure my dogs are fed up with me kissing their’s. Don’t worry…I make sure their mouths are closed first.

  5. Kelly Middlebrooks says:

    Don’t you just love doing events like this! So fun!

  6. Lynda Mowat says:

    Your doggie dash is similar to our pooch racing. So much fun. Your pictures are great. Lovely happy smiley dogs!

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