southwest Portland

If you are looking for a great mix of urban and nature settings, the South West is the place for you. Far enough away to not feel like a big city but close enough to get an edgy city feel, it's a photographer's dream when you want a little bit of both. The views of the bridges are just amazing! We recently found the South Waterfront garden just walking around the area and now it's one of our favorite places!

  •  Multiple ponds in a well curated garden
  •  Different species of flowers bloom and provide a great variety
  •  Short walk to riverside promenade
  •  Intimate benches throughout
  • Great cityscapes/urban backdrops just around the corner
  • Famous ‘Portland’ marquee sign
  • Multiple urban backdrops
  • Great for city/urban images
  • Small, quiet gardens can be found close by for more intimate images
  • Grassy areas with benches & trees
  • Urban Area
  • Amphitheater
  • Heart of the City
  • Iconic Portland fountain
  • Shaded pathways and steps for rustic feel
  • Keller auditorium across the street for artistic types
  • Huge mural behind Keller for an urban setting