SE Portland

In my humble opinion, there is no better place to get absolutely stunning views of Portland city scape and its bridges than the East side. Come mid-day and stay for the sunsets/twilight for an unbelievable view of our city at night. If nature is more your style, the parks and gardens on SE are hidden gems often overlooked due to the proximity of the industrial buildings in the SE area. Don't be fooled, there is beauty all around.

  •  Best location to capture PDX as the backdrop
  • Accessible floating dock right on the river
  • Cityscapes and waterfront settings
  • Multiple posing locations along the path
  • Some homeless population camps near this area
  •  Wide open grassy areas
  •  Man made pond in the center (no  swimming allowed)
  • Paved dock surround it for great waterline images
  • Small, cute bridges around park
  • Large park with huge trees and privacy
  • Parking! (so hard to find in downtown parks)
  •  Thousands of flowers
  •  Small, intimate pathways all around
  •  Lakeview bridges
  •  Additional photography fees are charged by the garden
  • Parking is basically nonexistent
  • Has an Asian architecture feel

(Our Family) Images by Sweetlife Photography