East Portland

The farther east you go, the better the views get. Getting away from the city core and up on one of its many vistas allows you to see almost the entire city on a clear day. What better backdrop than the entire city? Turn around and head further east to visit the sprawling campus of Edgefield and enjoy one of our favorite craft beers between sessions (Hello, Ruby!). For the really adventurous, you can work your way up to Mt. Hood and see all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer and in the winter. months there is even snow.

  • On clear days, the entire city can be seen from the summit
  • Old brickwork and stairways have a great rustic castle feel
  • Small grassy area with little shade.
  • Multiple forested trails a short walk away
  • On clear days this can get crowded with others looking for that perfect 
  •  Large, expansive gardens
  • Rows and rows of well-manicured lawns
  • Huge central fountain
  • Amphitheater
  • When flowers are in bloom it is stunning to see but also crowded
  •  Mountains
  •  Snow
  •  Pretty far away
  • Great outdoors