Week 40 – Isolation

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October 5, 2018

Week 40 - IsolationWeek 40 – Isolation & Dogtoberfest 2018

This week’s blog circle theme is isolation. I thought I’d combine my isolation theme with the Dogtoberfest 2018 event. Dove Lewis puts this event on every year. It’s held at the Lucky Labrador Brew Company All the proceeds raised go toward the canine blood bank. I plan to do a whole blog post on the details of a canine blood bank, but that’s for a future post.

This week you get to see some of the fun faces captured last Saturday. This year marked the most volunteers lending a hand than any other Dove Lewis event.  This fun day was all about a dog’s “spa day”.  Each dog had at least 3 volunteers, but the dog wash area had 4-5 humans per dog + the owners. That’s a lot of attention for one dog.  Would you consider each dog being “isolated”?? They were put into washing groups? Ok it’s a stretch!

Dogtogerfest Dogtogerfest Dogtogerfest 2018 Dogtogerfest 2018 Dogtogerfest Dogtogerfest Dogtogerfest Dogtogerfest 2018 Dogtogerfest 2018 Dogtogerfest Dogtogerfest 2018 Dogtogerfest Dogtogerfest

Timid & Small Dog Area

How about this….  a new area was implemented at the Dogtoberfest this year. There was a timid and small dog tent.  We all know lots of dogs don’t care to have a bath and if you’re 50+ lbs smaller than the other fur babies you’re beyond scared. SO…this year they implemented an isolated area for those specific dogs. Dogtogerfest 2018



I wish I had my boys at this event because they could use a nail trimming. I’m pretty sure 95% of the dogs hate getting their nails done, which is why we as pet owners struggle with this part.  Thankfully they had the PCC Vet Tech Club out to help.  If I could do things all over again I’d probably go to school to be in the vet industry. Maybe in my next life.

Dogtogerfest 2018 Dogtogerfest Dogtogerfest

Thanks to all the volunteers as well as participants that helped raise money for such a great cause.


Time to move to the next blog in this circle —> Nancy at Nancy Kieffer Photography Serving Central New York, the Adirondacks and Beyond.

  1. Elaine says:

    What a fantastic event! Loved the photos!

  2. Lynda Mowat says:

    The dogs are all isolated from the other dogs?. What a great event. Love that snout shot at the end!!

  3. Tim Evans says:

    That Boston in the fifth photo looked like he was going, “Ahhhh…”

  4. WOW; fantastic images that really tell the story of the event. Perfect focus and white balance throughout, which I know can be tough at an event, especially one filled with dogs!

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