Day in the Life


March 30, 2018

This theme  ” Day in the Life ” got me excited.  You mean I have to document my fur babies? OK!  Sorry boys, but they told me I had to!

The Day in the Life of JESTER.

This handsome boy will be 11 this Oct.  He naps about 23 hours a day but man that 1 hour…. he plays hardcore!  A day in the life of Jester would go something like this.

  • Sleep in (under the covers in my parent’s bed)
  • Continue to sleep until Moms ready for work.
  • Once the radio gets turned off it’s time to follow mom to the front door and start shaking in hopes she’ll bring me to the office.
  • Wahoo I’m going.  Time to pee on my favorite bush before I go for a car ride.
  • Yeah were here, but first I must pee some more.
  • Run inside super excited bypassing every single person and checking my friend’s bed for snacks.
  • (No snacks, sad day)….time to maybe say hi to the humans! Nope…time to go back outside. I don’t think I’ve marked enough.
  • Time to sleep for 8 hours.
  • Mom tells me it’s time to go home so I guess I should wake up.
  • Now that I’m home I must wait at the invisible barrier and watch my dad cook, you never know if he’ll drop something.
  • 7 pm *ding ding ding* The play sess is on! I’ve been resting up all day for this. I will show my little brother who’s top DOG!
  • 7:10 Time to go snuggle with dad. He doesn’t bug me like that other lady.
  • 7:15 aren’t they ready for bed yet. I’m exhausted.
  • 9:15 Mom & Dad start saying “Outside!” Don’t they know I’m tired?
  • 9:20 I pee quickly so I can get back to sleep. I run upstairs and dive into the covers.


The Day in the Life of Ollie

 This little button nose boy is Ollie. He’s 3 and I’d say he’s MY BOY! My little shadow so to speak. His Day in the Life is MUCH busier.

  • 6:00 Dad’s alarm goes off.  Is it mom? Nope….*snooze*
  • 7:00 Wahoo it’s time for mom to get up…..Hmmmm ok maybe not *snooze*
  • 7:10 Wahoo it’s time for mom to get up………What??? NO!!!!!!   *snooze*
  • 7:20 That’s it….she needs to wake up. I’ll jump up on the bed and snuggle her face. She can’t resist my cuteness.
  • 7:23 Awe she’s petting me. She has to be getting up soon.
  • 7:30 WHAT!?!? She reached for that handheld thing she’s always looking at. Time to swat it away because it’s all about ME now!
  • Now that mom’s up I’ll watch over the city from our tall castle window and watch for danger.
  • I think mom is ready to leave. I just keep on her heels going to the door because she can not get through the day without me.
  • Wahoo we got the green light. Today will be so much fun.
  • 8:30-5 I must play my cuteness all day today. The humans are suckers for that.
  • Time to head home! My 25 tennis balls are calling my name! Come play with us Ollie, come play with us! (if you pictured two twin girls just now you’re still paying attention, good job!)
  • Every second I get, the moment I get home I must be playing fetch. Well at least until my brother decides he’s rested enough.
  • 7 pm *ding ding ding* Wahoo it’s time to make him feel good and pretend he’s winning.
  • 7:10 Hmmm now what… TENNIS BALLS…..TOYS…..I don’t care but I must chase after them.
  • 9:15 *go outside*  Sweet it’s time to go upstairs and change playrooms.
  • 9:30 Hey guys, guys? Oh so you want to be lazy. I can play lazy. I’ll lay right here and you rub my belly.  Don’t stop either because I’ll be watching you.
  • 9:40 SHE STOPPED!  These guys are lame. I’m taking my ball and going to my bed.
  • ZZZZzzzzzz

I’m ALWAYS ready to play!

Thanks for spending a brief moment of your time to tell you all about my pups lives.

Here’s just a few iPhone shots from this week.

—–> Now move onto Cahlean Klenke from Minnesota dog photographer About A Dog Photography.  <—–

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  1. Kirsten says:

    I love that first photo!! What a cute pup!

  2. Kelly Middlebrooks says:

    This was so fun to read. 🙂

  3. John says:

    Your dogs are so adorable and lead very fun lives! Love these photos.

  4. Shae says:

    Oh my gosh! I want to meet Jester and Ollie so bad now! I particularly love when Ollie is digging under the sofa for a toy and peeping out from under some furniture. Really lovely to see a day in their lives!

  5. Jessica says:

    Both Ollie and Jester looks like such happy pups; I’m sure you give them that life of luxury they deserve. Their smiles give it away!

  6. Sam Adele says:

    Haha definitely fun pups! Love the one where you can see him waiting patiently whilst you’re editing!

  7. Linda Perdue says:

    Cute pups – funny how our pets are the focus of a lot of things that happen in the household. I love some of the photos of Ollie playing with the toys – great captures.

  8. Darlene says:

    They are so cute! Great photos – happy pooches for sure! The 1st image and the last image are my favorites!

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