Comic: Week 28 Dog Photography 52 Week Project


July 14, 2017

It’s week 28 of the dog photography 52-week project and this week’s theme is COMIC!!!!

I almost squealed when I saw the theme.  I’d like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable about pop culture.  I’ve seen almost every superhero movie there is. Well maybe not the older ones but still I’ve seen a lot. My husband and I have had the privilege of going to the San Diego, Comic-Con for several years now, but sadly we had to pass going this year.

It’s the perfect timing to write a blog about comics!!

Time to show you my interpretation of COMIC.

First up we have Ziggy & his sister Twinkie.  These two superheroes arrived in my studio with a suitcase of clothes.  You never know what disguise you’ll need.

When I saw the Superman outfits I couldn’t be more excited.

The image of Ziggy is my #1 eye-catcher when I do events.  I lose count the number of times a little kid points and says “Look mom it’s a super dog”.

Comic Week 28 Dog Photography 52 Week Project COMIC: Week 28 Dog Photography 52 Week Project

 The next “COMIC” themed images are my two boys, Ollie and Jester.

They still haven’t clued in that the dog park equals a bath afterward. Sorry boys!

Ollie, my Habibi Bear, will fight and fight and fight to try and get out of the tub.

Let me tell you he’s super strong for being 9 lbs.

He’s such a puffball that when he’s wet he looks like a completely different dog.

Comic Week 28 Dog Photography 52 Week Project Jester, my Shih tzu/poodle, tolerates his baths, but only because after 10 years he’s learned there’s no point fighting it. Mom always wins.Comic Week 28 Dog Photography 52 Week Project

If you were to ask me who is my all-time favorite “superhero” (if you can call him that), I’d say Deadpool. The movie is action-packed and the comedy level is on point. Sorry kids it’s rated R.

Yes, we have a Deadpool mask in our living room!!

** I told you this theme was right up our alley.

My husband’s dressed up as Deadpool several times for Emerald City Comic Con as well as Wizard World & Rose City Comic Con hence the mask.

The other comedian is Ollie again. He has this fascination with tennis balls. I really have no idea how many he has, but if I put them all together he will sniff out his favorite one.

Comic Week 28 Dog Photography 52 Week ProjectTo prove he loves his tennis balls see below!Comic Week 28 Dog Photography 52 Week Project

This wraps up the theme COMIC Week 28 Dog Photography 52 Week Project

Now’s the time you move over to another photographer’s blog to see their interpretation of comic is.

Head on over to  Ono Pet Photography, Fairhope, Alabama to see what they came up with.


 Next week’s theme is SKY!!!  I wonder if Oregon will cooperate and provide me with some moody looking skies.

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