Zac – Black Lab Corvallis, OR


November 4, 2016

Being a Portland Pet Photographer in Hillsboro Oregon I get the opportunity to visit with many dogs around the community.

Zac is a adorable Black Lab that lives in Corvallis, Oregon.  He’s such a sweet boy, and he pretty much adopted his Fur Mom, Wendy.

Portland Pet Photographer Hillsboro Oregon Labrador Retriever

Zac’s Story:

This handsome boy has a pretty awesome story. Just a few weeks old his mother bit his face destroying his left sinus making it impossible to break out of his left side. As he matured his snout grew to one side leaving him what some would say “damaged” and therefore they couldn’t get anyone to take him.

Wendy was a friend of the family.  They really wanted her to take a look at this unique boy, but she was not looking for another dog. She already had another Lab at home (Hobb’s) and didn’t have the energy to take on another dog.

The 4th of July, 2013 they asked Wendy to just come and meet him.  Little did she know Zac was ready and waiting for his future mom with his paws ready to welcome her.  Wrapping his little legs around her neck not wanting to let go was enough to make her decision.   That hug has turned into a lifetime of love for these two. They were both meant to find each other and I’m honored to photograph such a treasure of a dog.

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Is there anything better than a big huge kiss from your pet? They love unconditionally. I wish more humans could possess this quality.

Portland Pet Photographer Hillsboro Oregon Portland Pet Photographer Hillsboro Oregon

Have you saved a pet by adopting them into your life?  Or did they adopt you like Zac did to Wendy?

****Adopting a pet is a life-changing decision that you can cherish daily****

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